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Unless you have a background in insurance, understanding the different types of coverage available can be a challenge. Our independent insurance agents are here to help you get the best policy for your needs. Here are a few benefits of working with an independent insurance agency.

They Can Help You Get the Right Coverage

Most people drastically underestimate how much insurance coverage they need. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that their coverage is inadequate until they actually need to use it. The days and weeks directly following an auto accident or a natural disaster are the worst time to discover that your insurance isn’t going to even come close to bringing you back to pre-loss condition.

Independent insurance agents have special training to help them determine how much insurance coverage you need. You can enjoy peace of mind that if the worst happens and you need to file a claim, your coverage will provide the financial provision that you need.

They Make Comparison Shopping a Breeze

When it comes to insurance, comparison shopping can be harder than it seems. Policy limits, discounts, products, and premiums all vary widely across insurance providers, making it hard to truly compare coverages. An independent insurance agency can help you determine which companies offer the coverage options that you need at the best price available.

You Have Tighter Control Over Your Personal Information

Thanks to the internet, it’s relatively easy to get insurance quotes from as many different companies as you wish. The downside of this is that to get those quotes, you’ll have to give out your personal information many times. Not only does this leave you vulnerable in the event of a security breach, but you’ll be fielding calls and getting mailers, emails, and text messages from insurance providers for weeks or even months following your inquiry.

With an independent insurance agent, you provide your personal information one time to one person. They work on your behalf to find the best deal, meaning that you won’t be contacted by multiple agents.

They Cost You Nothing

The best part of working with a professional insurance agency is that the service is free for you. Independent insurance agents receive payment from insurers, not customers. You gain the benefit of working with an experienced professional who understands the ins and outs of insurance coverage, without having to pay for that service.

If you’re ready to talk about your insurance needs in Fairview Heights, IL, give us a call. We’ll help you review your lifestyle, insurance needs, and budget to help you find the best insurance policy at the best price.