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Homeowners insurance can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to making sure you’re covered when something happens to your home. You should carry homeowners or renters insurance at all times to make sure you’re not held financially responsible for any major damage to your home or belongings. Here are some of the most common homeowners insurance claims in the Edwardsville, IL, area.


As unfortunate as it is, theft is one of the most common problems both legally and when it comes to home insurance. There are tons of thieves out there, and sometimes you’re unfortunate enough to be their target. Fortunately, having a good home insurance policy can prevent you from having to take a hit to your wallet if something is stolen.

Fire and Lightning

If you’ve never had fire damage to your home, consider yourself lucky. Fire damage is incredibly common all over the United States, especially during certain times of the year. Lightning is also a problem, and together these two perils account for a fairly large percentage of all home insurance claims.

Wind and Hail

Like fire and lightning, wind and hail are completely unavoidable and totally catastrophic. Your home can be absolutely pummeled by both of these things during storms, and the severe damage it can cause is one of the most common causes of home insurance claims.

Water Damage

Whether it recently rained a lot in the area or a pipe or something else busted and caused the home to flood, water damage seems to be the one thing that most homeowners have in common at some point. If water gets into the walls and floors of your home it weakens the wood, accounting for another large chunk of homeowners insurance claims.

Malicious Mischief

If somebody digs up a big chunk of your lawn or breaks one of your windows or flood lights, it’s considered malicious mischief. You hope this doesn’t happen to you, but unfortunately it’s a problem that many homeowners have to face at some point in their lives.

Don’t Wait

You might not think you need homeowners insurance, but any of the above could happen to your Edwardsville, IL, home, and you’re better off safe than sorry. Give Yaekel Insurance a call at 618-233-0024 to learn more about homeowners insurance and discuss your options.