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Whether you own just one classic car or have a garage full of them, you would never treat your beautiful 1950s convertible like a regular car, and it deserves its own insurance to cover its specialty status too. We’ve put together a quick FAQ to help you learn more about collector car insurance in Collinsville, IL.

Q: What types of cars qualify for collector insurance?

A: A wide range of specialty trucks and cars are eligible for special collector insurance rates:
Antique cars
Classic cars
Vintage cars

Q: Does the type of collector car impact my insurance rates?

A: Generally speaking, no. Whether your car is antique, classic or vintage doesn’t impact your insurance rates, which are based on a number of factors. These classifications represent distinct eras of manufacture.
Antique Cars. The Antique Automobile Club of America defines antique cars as cars older than 45 years ago. Some aficionados will not consider a vehicle an antique unless it was made before 1918.
Vintage Cars. Automobiles with manufacture dates between 1919 and 1930.
Classic Cars. Exceptional or limited-run vehicles made between 1920 and 1940.

Q: What additional classifications qualify for collector car insurance?

A: Kit cars, muscle cars, motorsport vehicles, street hot rods, vehicles under restoration and modern limited production models.

Insurance Coverage Considerations
Insurance providers consider different criteria to determine the premium for a collector car insurance policy.

Q: How does it impact auto insurance rates if a collector car is a primary vs. secondary vehicle?

A: Most owners of collector cars have more than one vehicle. Whether your collector car is your primary vehicle impacts your rates.

Q: How does usage affect collector car auto insurance?

A: Collector cars typically make fewer trips out of the garage than day-to-day vehicles. Collector car insurance policies cover weekend treks to auto conventions and shows. If you race your collector car, it’s tough to get coverage. Ask your Collinsville, IL agent for the best options for your situation.

Q: What factors determine your premium?

A: The following factors impact your rates:
Make, model, and year
Driving record
How you use your vehicle
Coverage limits

Experienced agents at Yaekel Insurance Services are here to answer all your insurance questions. Call us today at 618-233-0024 to set up an appointment, so you can cruise Highway 474 to the next car show knowing you’re covered for whatever comes your way.